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No money, no problems.

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Swap skills with other digital workers

Ora Network is powered by its own currency-like token, the ora.

ora: from Greek ώρα, meaning hour ; time;
1 ora = 1 hour of digital work

Earn ora by contributing to the digital commons*

Swap ora with others, for help with your own projects

* the commons includes libre open-source software, art, science, and other copyleft works and knowledge created and shared for the common good (eg. GNU AGPL or Creative Commons Share-Alike projects)

An example:
Linus is a programmer and fixes a bug in a GPL-licensed free software project that millions of people rely on every day. Linus works on it for eight hours, so he receives 8 ora (newly minted tokens created by the platform, not deducted from any other user's balance). A few weeks later, Linus realises his karate team needs a new website, so he spends 5 ora for a web designer to help him for five hours, and 3 ora for three hours of a copywriter's time. Voila! Linus has a professionally designed and edited website ready to go.

Business as usual

With Ora

You have an amazing idea, but no money nor access to funding. The idea remains just that - an idea.

Hire other freelancers on the Ora Network to make your idea a reality- no money required.

How much someone gets paid for a job well done is arbitrary, especially for people based in different parts of the world.

Everyone's time is equally precious, no matter who you are, what your speciality is, or where you are located.

1 ora equals one hour of digital work. Period.

Doing socially important work is awesome and rewarding in itself, but spending your nights and weekends contributing to free software or nonprofit projects often leads to burn out.

Every hour you contribute to a commons project you receive an ora, so others can in turn help you with your own projects. Less sleepless nights!

You may (like most people) be forced to work on things you don't care about just to pay your bills.

You can spend more time on projects you believe in, or that are simply more interesting to work on.

Many potentially world-changing projects struggle because they don't have the budgets of big companies or VC funded startups.

An important initiative can get the attention it deserves, regardless of whether it makes money or not.

It is early days for the Ora Network. You are welcome to get involved and participate in its design and development. Sign up and we'll be in touch.